NYC Diaries, 27. Mai 2014: The Coffice

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NYC Diaries, 27. Mai 2014: The Coffice

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In my personal estimate, roughly 93% percent of New Yorkers are writers and/or in the middle of writing a book/screenplay/play/whathaveyou. Given that even published writers don’t make that much money and New York is expensive, you will have to ask yourself: Where do they write? Cramped into some corner of their over-priced studio apartment? In some equally expensive office space (for freelancers in New York, office sharing is quite common)?

No, it seems to me that’s what coffee shops are for. Hence the neologism “Coffice”. You will rarely see a coffeeshop without at least two or three tables occupied by people staring at the screens of their notebooks, typing away or thoughfully sipping their latte. This has a long tradition: There are many bars and restaurants and hotels known have hosted famous and not so famous writers. And coffee shops have adapted to modern times. Most offer free wifi and outlets. Comments on Yelp will tell you about the situation for creative work.

I recenty adapted this work style for myself. While spending my early morning hours at the desk in my room, I later move to a local or not so local coffee shop, depending on the other plans of the day. And it’s really cool. Writers form their own community. It is expected that you guard your neighbor’s belongings, when he or she has to go to the bathroom or make a phone call (which is usually done outside of the coffee shop as not to annoy your fellow writers – so please be polite and follow that example). You connect, you network, you exchange tipps, or sometimes you just power down your notebooks, move to a dive bar close by to drown your sorrows and complain about the state of the world in general.

I know, this lifestyle is picking up in Germany as well. In New York (and in the US) it has a long tradition. You’ll even find writer’s spots have become local landmarks (on a side note: I signed up for a Literary Pub Crawl on June 7th, report will follow) and the best spots to work are discussed just as intensely as restaurants, food, weather and Trump’s qualities as a president (*).