NYC Diaries, 25. Mai 2014: Vergilia’s Rule #1: Walk Fast or Get Out of the Way

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NYC Diaries, 25. Mai 2014: Vergilia’s Rule #1: Walk Fast or Get Out of the Way

As I said earlier, my trusty guide Vergilia has the uncanny knack of breaking down living in New York in easy-to-remember rules. As New York is big and we all want to see and do a lot of things, I’ll just start with transportation. Or, to be more precise, with walking.

When visiting New York City, you will walk. A lot. Of course, you will also use public transportation (which I will cover in another article) or use a cab (an adventure, which also deserves its own article). But let’s stick to walking, which I am (as people who know me might figure) not a big fan of. Or at least, I was. Walking through NYC grows on me – as you see a lot, from sights to the daily drama of a vibrant city.

New Yorkers walk fast. They are always in a hurry. “Being a little behind on schedule” is the standard state of mind. So they walk fast. And while they are friendly and helpful on most occasions, I strongly recomend to either keep up – or at least get out of their way, unless you are looking for a fight.

My being in NYC as part tourist, part on business has put me on both sides of things. While there are so many things to see and take pitures of, it is really annoying to run in yet another tourist fiddling with his camera or yet another group of sightseers blocking the sidewalk by walking side by side. Please don’t do that.

But, sitting in some midtown coffee shop having a latte, watching the people run by, one starts to wonder why. The reason is simple: New York is so vibrant that it make you feel guilty when you relax and do nothing. You will feel the need to do something. Even procrastinating is usually action-filled.

So it is no wonder that many New Yorkers I have met have an overcrowded schedule: They have a job, while getting another degree, which will qualify them for their life’s dream; they have just started or are about to start their own business on the side (which always seems to include helping the misfortunate or making jewelry or both), they volunteer at a non-profit fighting one or more of the world’s bigger problems, train fort the New York Marathon and also try to have something like a dating life (which is a topic for another entry – dating in NYC is fun, but has its side effects). So, they move fast. And who are we, as guests in the city, to hinder them in reaching their lifes’ goals?

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